Fall 2018

  • USA Rules / 6'-10' Pitch
  • Bats MUST be approved for USA or else team will be removed from the league without a refund
  • Donít run home runs out
  • Limit 4 fence-clearing home runs per team per game; 5th home run ends inning and does not count
  • NO fence-clearing home runs allowed for the Fall season
  • Additional home runs end the inning
  • No courtesy runners (but players on the bench can sub)
  • Each player must wear a team shirt, no exceptions
  • Nobody under the age of 18 can play or else penalty is 5 losses
  • You can play on only one team or else penalty is 5 losses
  • All new teams must have 75% of roster live in or work in Farmington or graduated from F.H.S [AS OF 2006]
  • Alcohol cannot be consumed in the parking lot
  • Drinking is only inside the guardrail
  • There is a double base at first base - white base for defense and orange base for runner
  • Batters come to the plate with a 1-1 count, with 0 FOUL BALLS to waste
  • If a team has only 9 players, the 10th batter is an automatic out
  • Earrings must be taped up or taken out - umpire should not have to tell you
  • Team on 1st base side gets the choice of home or away team for the first game
  • Team on 3rd base side gets the choice of home or away team for the second game
  • The batting team has to fetch the home run and foul balls
  • The home team must lock up and turn out the lights after the final scheduled game of the night
  • Treat the umpire with respect
  • If a player gets ejected by an umpire, he will have to sit the next game
  • For a second ejection, he will have to sit for the next 2 games
  • **** Ejection fee - $ 30.00 if thrown out of game ****
  • The mercy rule is 20 runs after 3, 15 runs after 4, 10 runs after 5
  • Equal at bats through 5 innings
  • Playoff rosters must contain players who have played in at least one third of their teamís games
  • Playoffs are single elimination - every team makes the playoffs
  • You can play on one team only - team penalty is 5 losses
  • Coaches are responsible for their team's behavior
  • No metal spikes
  • If you owe money you will not play - no excuses
  • NOTE: At 8pm, the 7pm game will go to 1 PITCH NONE TO WASTE
  • NOTE: At 10:35pm, the 9pm game will go to 1 PITCH NONE TO WASTE
  • Keep dugouts CLEAN after your game - penalty 1 loss
  • Forfeit fee $50 if your team is a no-show at a scheduled game
  • ** Teams with 2 or more forfeits - NO PLAYOFFS **

ALL CANCELED GAMES - CHECK Farmington Men's Softball Website, or Farmington Men's Softball Facebook page.


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